Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tuesday Night

I capped off another great day with the Insanity work out. The work out we did was "Cardio Power and Resistance." It was great and really worked up a sweat. This work out included a lot of jumps, squats, push ups, and exercises like that.

My wife and I immediately ran and made ourselves some protein shakes. It is what we look forward to during our work outs. I swear it is like drinking energy sometimes. It really helps refuel and repair.

I noticed some really cool things today about my own personal discipline. Because I worked out hard yesterday and this morning, I had an extra amount of motivation and personal responsibility to make TODAY as healthy as I could. There were numerous times I refused the temptation of chocolate sitting on someone's desk as I passed through the hallway at work. It was so empowering. As I walked down the hallway to go to a meeting, I knew I would be presented the opportunity to snack on a Reeses mini (which is my favorite and I would LOVE). And as I approached the desk with the beloved waiting for me, I knew that I had a decision to make. I stared at the bowl of little delicacies, and purposed in my mind to enjoy the sweet taste of victory through abstinence as opposed to the delicious flavor of chocolate peanut buttery goodness. And I really only had this success because I had worked really hard and did not want to give up that up. I learned one important fact:

Sometimes, attitude FOLLOWS action.

Before, I would always grab a goodie or two as I passed this dreaded office desk. But because of my actions, my attitude toward my dietary situation had changed. My mind was able to overcome the pressure because of the work I hard already put in.

Here is what I ate today:
Granola with vanilla yogurt (breakfast)
fiber one granola bar (snack)
low fat string cheese (snack)
turkey sandwich, yogurt, and a little bit of soup (lunch)
chicken with green olives, rice, foccacia (leftovers), and a salad with spinach and light Italian dressing (dinner)
protein shake (post workout)

I accomplished my goal of working out in the morning at the Y and doing cardio at night. Today was very successful and extremely healthy.

I will not get up in the morning as I could have fallen asleep at work from 2 days of getting up early. I need to catch up a little bit - which is an important aspect of overall health. I plan to do the Insanity DVD tomorrow which should be "Cardio Recovery."

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