Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tuesday Morning

I have accomplished my morning goal so far. I woke up and got going around 7:00 am and was at the Y at 7:40. It is amazing I even got up because our daughter did not have a good night. Normally she sleeps very well and we get up one time to feed her. Last night, and really all of the evening yesterday, she would not stay asleep. We (my wife) was up with her a lot last night. Needless to say, I did not get the best of sleep.

I realized as I was driving to work after my work out that my 9:00 am meeting was not 9:00 am, but was actually 9:30 am - which is a bummer that I was just realizing it after my work out. I still got a good one in, though. I lifted biceps and triceps and did abs. I almost always do abs whenever I lift.

Before I left for the Y, I had some granola with vanilla yogurt. And I just ate a fiber one granola bar for a snack. It seems today will be another strong, healthy day.

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