Saturday, December 19, 2009

Lazy Saturday

It isn't really lazy. I am just allowing time for my body to rest up and heal to prepare for next week. I know that I will have to push myself much harder if I want to begin seeing any kind of results.

But that is where it gets to be really fun.

It is really fun when you begin to push harder and harder. It is all about perspective. Once you get into a pretty solid rhythm of working out, it gets easier and easier to push yourself to the next limit. You have to enjoy competing against yourself if you want to be successful in exercise. And if you don't, you have to be able to learn to like it. You have to thrive on competition and challenge.

The greatest momentum builder and motivational factor is accomplishing something you previously should not have been able to do.

Perspective is everything.

But because you have been working out, it IS possible to run 5 miles. Or 10 miles. You CAN do it. I think we forget that our bodies our built to survive. You just need the mind the survive. You must enjoy competing with yourself. And you must enjoy that challenge.

I am already beginning to prepare mentally for next week. I worked hard this week - and the result I have is soreness. But that is a good thing (read my last post). So today, I went on a simple 20 minute run just to keep the progress rolling. I will take tomorrow off completely as I give my body one more day to heal before Monday.

Push it!

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