Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Party

Today at work we had a Christmas Party. It was definitely a time when I could have really REALLY fallen into temptation with my eating habits. It was a catered meal from Olive Garden. I knew going into that situation that I would be forced to make decisions on what to eat and what not to eat. And what I did to help me make those decisions is I ate extra snacks shortly before the party started. I knew it would be easy to overeat in that situation (I typically do) and I also wanted to help purpose in my mind the TYPE of food I NEEDED to consume and avoid. I think I did fairly well. I chose the grilled chicken and steamed veggies as opposed to the chicken parm. There were also a number of beautiful deserts available. Everyone was eating one. So, I halved a desert with someone, and purposed in my mind that I would only eat a few bites. I did just that. I had three bites. They were delicious.

Now, the part of the day that was not successful is when my wife and I decided to go to the movies. We have been wanting to go see "Invictus," (which was awesome) and since I got off of work early (because of the party) we took the chance. Whenever we go to the movies we always go to Walgreens and get 3 movie candies for 3 dollars (always). I KNEW that is what we were going to do. I had Hot Tamales.

I really enjoyed them.

And to be honest, I am completely ok with that. Now, what I am NOT saying is that I am ok with "digressing" from my plan. I knew that we would see the movie and I knew that we would have candy. We still had an excellent work out tonight and overall, I still burned more calories than I took in.

The "Cardio Recovery" work out for Insanity was still extremely difficult. It was a lot of squats and lunges done at a snails pace. It sounds easy, but it isn't. When you count slowly, you actually work twice as hard. My legs were on fire and this was supposed to be a "recovery" day. It was different than other days. The other work outs are non stop cardio routines that make your heart pound. This was difficult in just a different way. I liked it.

Here is what I ate today:
Granola with vanilla yogurt (breakfast)
Yogurt (snack)
Fiber one granola bar (snack)
low fat string cheese (snack)
grilled chicken, veggies, and salad (lunch)
3 bites cake (desert)
hot tamales (movie goodies)
low fat string cheese (snack)
taco soup and corn bread (dinner)

I plan to wake up tomorrow morning and head to the gym to work out. I volunteer at a school on Thursday mornings, and don't have to be there until 9:30. So I can wake up at 7:30, get there by 8:00, and work out until 9:00. I will then do the Insanity dvd tomorrow night.

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