Thursday, December 17, 2009

Finishing Strong

My wife and I just finished the Insanity "Pure Cardio" dvd. It was awesome. It was also extremely difficult. The nice thing about the workout is that it goes by so fast because it is a quick pace and they switch up the exercises frequently. There were no breaks in this work out. It was really great! 38 minutes of cardio.

This was an excellent way to cap off the day. I finished strong. My day started differently from a normal day. I was late getting out the door, so I had to eat my snacks in the car as I was driving. Then after I was finished with the school, I swung by the house to grab my lunch. I then quickly ate what I would have eaten for breakfast, which was granola. Nevertheless, it was a great day and was very healthy.

Here is what I ate:
Granola bar (snack)
low fat string cheese (snack)
granola (breakfast)
left over taco soup, grilled chicken, and another string cheese (lunch)
Penne with feta and zucchini (dinner)
protein shake (post work out)

Tomorrow I hope to do the Insanity dvd twice. I plan to take it to work and do it during the day (hopefully with some coworkers). And then I will do it AGAIN in the evening with my wife. I hope to finish the week strong!

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