Thursday, December 17, 2009

Making Adjustments

Sometimes you need to make adjustments. Life may throw things at your schedule, and your plan may not always be executed the way you would like. That is ok. You just need to roll with it. That is precisely what happened to me. I had planned on waking up and going to the gym early this morning before going to my friend's class to help her students read.

My wife and I are in the process of trying to get our 2 1/2 month old daughter to sleep all the way through the night. Compared to many babies, she is an excellent sleeper - and overall is a very "easy" baby. And what I mean by that is she doesn't fuss all that much. At night, pretty much since we have brought her home, we really only have to get up once to feed her. We are now trying to get her to sleep all the way through the night. That means when she wakes up (normally for a feeding) we try and wait it out so she can go back to sleep. That is what we did last night. So there was a period last night, which felt like eternity, where we were just waiting it out, and checking on her every 5 or 10 minutes. She did fall asleep.

I didn't get the best sleep. When my alarm went off, I knew I would feel miserable at work. So then I began planning my new adjusted schedule. I thought to myself, "I could either get a work out in during lunch time, or immediately after work to replace this morning work out, and still do our cardio Insanity dvd tonight." So when I got ready for work, I packed up my work out clothes and left for my day. I could have skipped this first work out altogether - and my reasoning would have been justified.

Instead of making excuses for my inability to work out (really, questioning my commitment), I made an adjustment to my goals to make it happen.

There is a difference.

In the past, I would have been fine (almost ecstatic in some cases) to have a valid excuse not to hit the gym hard. But I learned in my first work out journey that success only comes when you will do anything to make happen what you have purposed to do. When unplanned (or planned) events pop up in your life, you cannot use them as opportunities to not work hard. The committed will use those times to show the true strength of their will and heart to preservere and build momentum.

I went into the Y right after work and got some great lifting in. I lifted chest today. My work out was tough and efficient. My wife and I will do Insanity "Pure Cardio" tonight. I am looking forward to it. Will report the full conclusion of my day then.

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