Friday, December 18, 2009

Got It Done

I sought out today to do the Insanity work out twice - and I did. I got it done. I'm really excited. I had actually hoped to do it first at work on lunch break and then again at night, but I forgot to take my work out clothes to the office. So I did it immediately after I got home. Then we ate dinner, watched an episode of LOST, and then did it again. Now, to be completely honest, I did skip the last set the first time I did Insanity tonight. I did it because I wanted to conserve enough energy for the next time so I would not dog it. I don't think that I did dog it at all. It was tough.

My body is sore all over. My legs, my arms, my chest, and my shoulders. Everything hurts. On one hand, it sucks. It sucks when it is painful getting out of a chair or sitting down to go to the toilet. It sucks when it is painful putting on a jacket. Everything just hurts. But at the same time, the soreness is nice.

Being sore is a constant reminder of the hard work you have put in and the dedication and commitment to see your goals through.

It is similar to how you eat really healthy during the day if you've started your day with a work out. You second guess that Reeses bar when you're sore. You remember.

If you eat that Reeses bar you have worked out in vain.

Sometimes you've just got to push. And push hard. You will be sore. But don't let that be a reason to not put the effort in. Soreness is a reward for your hard work. It is the fruit of your labor - literally. Use it as motivation. Use it to build momentum. Enjoy it.

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