Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cardio Recovery

Today was a "moderately" healthy day. It wasn't bad - but it wasn't amazing. Tuesday's at work are now "Pizza Tuesdays" where the staff eats pizza together for lunch. Pizza - especially take out - just is not good for you. So my entire day was working against that.

My wife and I did not go to the Y but did Insanity's "Cardio Recovery." It is a very different sort of exercise. Lots of stretching and slow moving exercises. For example, slow squats, then holding it, and then pulsing. Slow lunges, holding it, pulsing. Etc... So it was not intense and high impact like the other work outs. I did sweat. I did burn. But it certainly was not cardio and definitely will not make up for the pizza I had for lunch. We had a healthy breakfast and dinner so hopefully that will help (chicken sandwiches on home made foccacia). It was really good.

If I am going to eat pizza, I have to also be in the gym and run, run, run. Today was just "ok."

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